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The EMC Workshop Handbook is available for download in English, Spanish, French, Polish.

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22nd European Maya Conference: Malmö, Sweden


For some hotels only Russian web sites are available, please check the description of accommodation on If you want to get special EMC discount please use the shown e-mails for booking. To get a discount, put the key-word WAYEB in a subject of your letter.


4* Hotels

Novotel Moscow Centre

Holiday Inn Moscow-Lesnaya

3* Hotels

Seven Hills Brestskaya

Minima Belorusskaya 5-10% depending on the room type
e-mail for booking:

2* Hotels and Hostels

Moscow Home Hostel 10-15% depending on the room type
e-mail for booking:

Privet hostel 20%
e-mail for booking:

Hostel Fasol 10%
on-line booking using promo-code WAYEB

Hotel Sad 10%
e-mail for booking:

Green Hostel – Belorusskaya 500 rub. per bed
e-mail for booking:

HQ Hostelberry 10%
e-mail for booking:

Hotel On 5 Floor 10%
e-mail for booking:


We may be able to provide private accommodation with students of the department for those EMC participants who will find themselves unable to afford a hotel. As elsewhere in Europe, most students live in small rooms either in shared flats or student housing, i.e. if you ask for home stay with a student, we may not be able to offer you anything else but 2 sqm of floor space to accommodate your own thermarest & sleeping bag (in a few exceptional cases you might be lucky to find a sofa).

If you want/need to stay at a student’s home, please contact the organisers. Please, do not ask for private accommodation unless you have already registered for the event (Workshop and/or Symposium).

Please note, we are trying to offer this service, but we cannot guarantee you a place since the number of available spaces will depend on the number of students willing to share their homes.

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